Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6

Every day millions of Wi-Fi devices connect to the Internet in homes around the world. And each day millions more are added. Although each new Wi-Fi standard such as N and AC now known as Wi-Fi 4 and Wi-Fi 5 delivered greater and greater speeds, these Wi-Fi standards did not address the issue of increased Wi-Fi congestion and Wi-Fi capacity needed to handle the extreme number of devices being connected. Enter Wi-Fi 6 – The New Standard of Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi 6
Fig 1: Wi-Fi 6


Wi-Fi 6 is engineered to meet the growing demands on Wi-Fi by dramatically increasing performance and capacity Wi-Fi 6 delivers up to 4 times more capacity than older Wi-Fi standards at the foundation of Wi-Fi 6 are the number of available Wi-Fi streams. With each Wi-Fi stream more speed, range, and capacity are delivered. Now Wi-Fi 6 routers can deliver up to 12 simultaneous Wi-Fi streams. OFDMA is the key feature that significantly increases Wi-Fi efficiency. With OFDMA a Wi-Fi 6 router can deliver data to, and receive data from, multiple devices all at the same time. Wi-Fi 6 represents a new era of Wi-Fi. It also remains 100% backwards compatible with older Wi-Fi devices and can improve their wireless connections too. Simply powerful. Wi-Fi 6 gives you fluid performance, more range, and increased capacity. Experience faster Wi-Fi speeds from multiple devices all at the same time. Learn about the benefits of upgrading to the next generation of Wi-Fi and why it's time to spend less time buffering and more time doing.

What makes Wi-Fi 6 redefining?

Load faster. Stream smoother. Wi-Fi 6 comes equipped with up to 12 Wi-Fi streams and up to 4x the capacity of previous Wi-Fi standards. More power for more devices. Wi-Fi 6 gives you a 40% increase in data throughput and is fully backwards compatible with older Wi-Fi devices.

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