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The name "Wireless" is defined as "no need any wired connection" basically wireless is the technology that uses the radio and the microwaves to transmit the data. By the help of this technology devices don't need any wire medium like copper cables, fiber optics cables etc. To do any function networking devices use radio frequencies and the waves of light. In 1894 the man that name was Guglielmo Marconi transmitting the first signal of radio across the Atlantic. Guglielmo Marconi won the Noble Prize in the field of physics in the year of 1909 for the developing of the wireless telegraphy.

The wireless revolution start from the year of 1990 that time period is the shift of wired network to wireless network. At the beginning of 1990's there were different devices that supported this wireless technologies like laptop, computer networks, and handheld computers.

Following are the wireless supporting technologies below:


Fig 1: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Stands for the "Wireless Fidelity" and Wi-Fi is the wireless LAN which is very best medium to connect devices without wires in the Local Area Network. Wi-Fi Ethernet support the IEEE standard is 802.11 and there are other standards like 802.11a,  802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ax, 802.11ac.

Mobile Data Service

Mobile Data Service
Fig 2: Mobile Data Service

Cellular Data Service/Mobile Data Service is the service that offering the coverage with respect to the range approximately fifteen miles from the nearest cell site. So 3G and 4G are the technologies of that services and now it has been working on 5G since 2018.

Satellite Communication

Satellite communication
Fig 3: Satellite communication

Satellite communication is the one of the best technology of the Wireless. Satellite communication is the wireless technology that we used in those area where we have nothing of the wireless connection others. This technology mostly used in the aviation and military side. And this technology is very effective and beneficial for the transportation

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