Gateway Load Balancing Protocol

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol

GLBP (Gateway Load Balancing Protocol) is a protocol used in computer networks for load balancing the traffic to multiple default gateways (i.e. routers) on a LAN. It allows multiple routers to share a virtual IP address and distributes incoming traffic among the routers in a round-robin fashion, effectively balancing the load and providing redundancy if one of the routers fails. GLBP provides a simple and efficient means of achieving redundancy and load balancing for network hosts that have multiple default gateways.

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
Fig 1 :Gateway Load Balancing Protocol

Gateway Load Balancing Protocol Configurations on Cisco IOS

interface fastethernet0/0

  ip address


interface fastethernet0/1

  ip address


router glbp 10

  load-balancing round-robin


  authentication md5 key-string password

  hello-time 2

  hold-time 10

  priority 200

  track 10 decrement 20





glbp 10 ip

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