Network Access Control Quiz Answers NSE 2

Network Access Control Quiz Answers NSE 2

Network Access Control Quiz Answers NSE 2
Fig 1: Network Access Control Quiz Answers NSE 2

Question 1: What is one characteristic of headless devices?

·         Devices that are connected only to a wired network

·         Devices that cannot take a 3rd party security agent

·         Devices that have only AV software installed

·         Devices that provide only centralized architecture

Question 2: What are the three key activities performed by NAC? (Choose three.)

·         Profile all devices to identify what access they should have

·         Watch for IoT devices to respond to CNC servers in the Internet

·         Provide appropriate network access to devices

·         Discover all devices on the network

Question 3: Which three statements are advantages of implementing a FortiNAC solution? (Choose three.)

·         The FortiNAC solution supports only wireless networks.

·         The FortiNAC solution only supports BYOD environments.

·         FortiNAC is integrated into the security framework.

·         The FortiNAC solution has complete visibility into the network.

·         FortiNAC can profile headless devices that are not equipped with an agent.

Question 4: What two security challenges do IoT devices present to IT security professionals? (Choose two.)

·         They are time consuming to deploy.

·         They often do not support security programs.

·         They are frequently stolen.

·         They can be exploited by bad actors.

Question 5: When NAC is first deployed, what is one of the first tasks it performs?

·         Installs AV software

·         Compares the signature of the file with a list of known virus signatures

·         Configures the firewall

·         Profiles all connected devices

Question 6: Which two network security concerns have grown dramatically for businesses in recent years? (Choose two.)

·         Need for overall network visibility

·         Malware protection requirements

·         Need for AVs

·         IoT devices connecting to a network

Question 7: What is one shortcoming of NAC solutions?

·         NAC solutions do not support BYOD environments.

·         NAC solutions support only endpoint security.

·         Some NAC solutions underperform in wired environments, creating a security vulnerability.

·         NAC solutions do not support IoT devices.

Question 8:Which three parties participate in network authentication, according to the IEEE 802.1X standards? (Choose three.)

Select one or more:

·         Authentication server

·         Authenticator

·         Router

·         Client device

·         Certification authority

Question 9:How does NAC effectively segment a network?
Select one:

·         Using IP addresses

·         Utilizing device profiles

·         Using user roles

·         Routers

Question 10:What action do you typically need to do to join a public network, such as one in a coffee shop?
Select one:

·         Provide biometric information

·         Submit your personal digital certificate

·         Register your handheld device

·         Agree to the legal terms for using the network

Question 11:What drives organizations to buy IoT devices?
Select one:

·         Mandated by government

·         Provide valuable data to the CFO

·         Required as part of an air-gap solution

·         Can save time and money*

Question 12:Which security challenge do BYODs pose to networks?
Select one:

·         Limited RAM prevents the installation of security software

·         Data exfiltration

·         Increase the maintenance cycle for network devices

·         MIS does not control what is installed on these devices

Question 13:Why are IoT devices potential conduits of contagion?
Select one:

·         IoT devices are often cheaply made

·         There are too many incompatible IoT security standards in use.

·         Does not support two-factor authentication

·         Not able to install security software


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