Security-Driven Networking Quiz Answers NSE 3

Security-Driven Networking Quiz  Answers NSE 3

Security-Driven Networking Quiz  Answers NSE 3
Fig 1: Security-Driven Networking Quiz  Answers NSE 3


Find out the questions and answers below :

Question 1: Which Fortinet-built technology allows FortiGate to enable better throughput performance?

  • Automation
  • Secure processing unit
  • Virtual machine
  • Artificial intelligence

Question 2: What is security-driven networking?

  • The integration of networking and security capabilities
  • The enforcement of industry and government compliance
  • The quantification of security measurement through a security rating system
  • The implementation of strong security hygiene for endpoints

Question 3:  When would you use FortiSwitch Cloud?

  • When FortiSwitch devices are directly managed by FortiManager
  • When FortiSwitch devices are deployed as standalones and not in a FortiGate environment
  • When you need to restore FortiSwitch devices from the cloud
  • When FortiSwitch devices are attached and managed by FortiGate Cloud

Question 4: According to the SD-WAN use case, which Fortinet product replaces separate WAN routers, WAN optimization, and some security devices?

  • FortiGate
  • FortiSwitch
  • FortiGuard
  • FortiAI

Question 5: Which technology allows FortiGate to provide deeper integration with FortiAP and switches?

  • FortiLink
  • FortiConnect
  • Security Fabric
  • FortiManager

Question 6: What is the benefit of the Fortinet security rating?   

  • Rates security companies based on their number of high-end security devices
  • Provides a quantifiable measure of a network’s security posture
  • Reports on the number of cyberattacks sustained by a network over an interval of time
  • Reconciles duplicate security policies on FortiGate devices

Question 7: Which operating system is common to all FortiGate devices?

  • FortiOS
  • Windows 10
  • Linux
  • macOS

Question 8: Which three management options can be used to manage FortiAP? (Choose three.)

  • FortiAP Cloud
  • FortiManager
  • FortiGate
  • FortiCloud
  • FortiWeb

Question 9: Which best describes the function of FortiManager?

  • Manages network APs from multiple vendors and ensures a seamless wired and wireless network
  • Integrates with third-party security products to ensure a coordinated defense
  • Manages multiple Fortinet devices from a single console
  • Tests unknown and suspicious code or hyperlinks

Question 10: Which term best describes FortiGate?

  • Next generation firewall
  • Application controller
  • Secure process unit
  • Router

Question 11: Which FortiManager tool enables automation for DevOps and DevSecOps?

  • Scripts and fabric connectors
  • Zero-day detection and response
  • Real-time SLA reporting
  • Role-based access control

Question 12: What is the fundamental function of FortiSwitch?

  • Securely connects devices on a computer network
  • Provides reliable broadband access to the internet
  • Quickly and easily provides LAN guest access
  • Ensures a high-level of operational performance

Question 13: Which best describes the function of the application control feature in FortiGate?

  • Blocks access to malicious or hacked websites
  • Digitally signs applications to guard against tampering
  • Creates policies that allow, deny, or restrict access to applications
  • Micro-segments the network based on the profiles of applications

Question 14: Which product acts as the connection point to the network for wireless devices?

  • FortiWeb
  • FortiConnect
  • FortiExtender
  • FortiAP

Question 15: What is the central purpose of FortiGuard Labs?

  • To stop unauthorized access
  • To check the data integrity of applications
  • To authorize network access based on roles and policies
  • To provide security services

Question 16: A customer states that they want to consolidate network vendors. You learn that they have chosen ServiceNow as their IT ServiceManagement software.Which answer is the best response

  • FortiManager works seamlessly with ServiceNow and supports collaboration between operations and security teams.
  • ServiceNow can simplify firewall management.
  • Our solution has the lowest TCO of any of our competitors.
  • ServiceNow is a good choice.

Question 17: Which feature of FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer makes compliance with government and industry regulations easier?

  • Allows regulators to access network analytics to monitor compliance
  • Detects network breaches and coordinates containment
  • Manages a directory of domain names and their corresponding IP addresses
  • Provides reports designed to accelerate audit readiness

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