Modes of the Router | Router's Modes

Router's Modes

Modes of the Router
Fig 1: Modes of the Router

There are the following four Modes of the router that play an important role for the configuration and understanding the behavior of router how router work in different modes and which modes are for configurations and which modes are use for the showing and displaying:

Four  Router's Modes
Fig: 2 Modes of Router 

Four  Router's Modes:

User Mode

User mode is the mode of the router that represented by the "Router>" sign and this mode is the mode that is also known as the line mode and it is the least privileged router's mode. This mode is only used for the some monitoring commands. Below some commands that can execute in user mode:

connect, disable, disconnect, enable, exit, logout, ping, resume, show, ssh, telnet, terminal, traceroute. 

Privileged Mode

Privileged mode is the mode that has more privileged than the user mode and we have more commands in this mode as compared to the user mode. This mode is also known as the enable mode. And the represented sign of this mode is "Router#". In this mode we can approximately 98% use commands for displaying/show purpose. And in this terminal we can also troubleshoot  the network and configuration's errors. Below some examples of the commands that we can use in this mode:

reload, resume, rmdir, send, setup, traceroute, undebug, write.

Global Configuration Mode

Global configuration mode is the mode that is most powerful mode of the router. By this mode we can move further in next mode that are specific configuration mode. the represented sign of this mode is "Router(config)#" This is most privileged mode of router and this is the configuration mode that has impact on the router globally. Below are the some commands of the global configuration mode:

aaa, access-list, banner, bba-group, boot, cdp, class-map, clock, config-register, crypto Encryption module, do, dot11, enable, flow, hostname.

Specific Configuration Modes:

Global configuration mode that has the other ways to go in further modes and there are the other modes that are very popular mode of the router:

  • Interface Mode (Use for the configuring the ip address on the interfaces).
  • Line Mode (Use to move in the line vty and console).
  • Router Mode (Router mode is the mode in which we run the different dynamic routing protocols).

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