What is Extranet ?


A customized service known as an extranet is managed and controlled by a private network. Only partners, vendors, and suppliers have access to this tailored and restricted technology; occasionally, though not always, some particular customers may as well. An extranet is a private network organization that extends its services to users outside of the firm and is actually a portion of the intranet of the individual business. Selling products to customers and conducting business with other companies are occasionally seen as specialized techniques. Extranet technology enables the intranet from one site to another and also provides security to data flow so that business can be conducted with other business partners. Firewall server management is necessary for an extranet service to ensure security and privacy.

Fig 1: Extranet

Extranet Service Features

The key characteristics of extranet services are as follows:

  •      Extranet is an Internet service that extends beyond the corporate firewall and is available to private business networks.
  •      Because it may be (partially) accessible to some outsiders, it may occasionally be referred to as an intranet (with permission).
  •      The extranet technique connects two (or more) commercial groups with related objectives.

Application of the Extranet

The following services can use extranet:

  •      A joint training program (with another company) is conducted using this technology.
  •      Electronic data interchange allows for the quick sharing of large volumes of data.
  •      Product catalogues, particularly those for wholesalers, are shared using it.
  •      Extranet services are also used to provide customer support.
  •      Business news is shared with partner companies.

Benefits of the Extranet

The following are some extranet services' benefits:

  •         It facilitates quick and efficient business (services).
  •         It significantly aids in enhancing corporate communication.
  •         It aids in cost savings (especially in terms of stationery stuff).
  •         It aids in boosting workers' productivity and self-assurance.
  •         It lessens several significant physical obstacles (especially the geographical distance).

The primary industries that make extensive use of the Extranet are as follows:

  •     Corporate buildings.
  •     Governmental buildings.
  •     Educational institutions.

The intranet is more specialized because it is only accessible to internal staff. Extranet, in contrast, has a wider scope because outsiders (such partners, vendors, or even customers) are allowed access.

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