What is Networking ?


The practice of linking multiple computers together for the purposes of sharing data, offering technical help, and communicating especially for business purposes is known as computer networking. The technology that connects various computer systems is known as the internet (located in different geographic location). The world has undergone a transformation thanks to networking technology, which has also opened up new opportunities for each country's total growth.

Computer Networking
Fig 1: Networking

The Advantages of Networking:

Now let's talk about the benefits of networking. The benefits are listed below:

Technical Support Facility

A person in the United States can offer technical assistance to a person in a distant area of India thanks to computer networking.

Data Sharing

Simple Data Sharing with the use of networking, it is incredibly easy to transfer all types of digital data between computers (irrespective of their geographic location).

Simple Hardware Resource Sharing

It is now quite easy to share expensive resources, such as storage space, processors, fax machines, etc., thanks to networking.

Simple Sharing Programs

It is simple to distribute and install software from one computer system to another computer system over the networking system.

Processing Data Can Be Decentralized Easily

It is quite easy to decentralize the data processing system through the networking system. In the end, it aids in maintaining data security and management.

Simple Communication

The communication system has evolved into one that is now incredibly effective, economical, and quick thanks to networking. Emails, video chats, text chats, and other forms of communication are among them.

Different Types of Networks

The various network kinds will be covered in this section. The categories are listed below:

  •         Local Area Network (LAN)
  •         Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  •         Wide Area Network (WAN)

Local Area Network

Local Area Network, also known as LAN, is a method of linking a few computers that are situated inside a specific building. It is typically employed for a single office building or a home. The main goal of this interconnectedness is to create a communication system that will facilitate work. However, additional devices like fax machines, laser printers, and other similar ones can also be attached in such connectivity.

Metropolitan Area Network

A network system known as the Metropolitan Region Network, or MAN, often serves a sizable metropolitan area (city part). It offers high speed Internet services throughout the network's covered area.

Wide Area Network

A network system known as a "wide area network," or simply "WAN," spans a sizable portion of the globe. Both public (government) agencies and private organizations offer WAN services. The network also makes it possible to access databases that are situated elsewhere. The WAN system is very advantageous to MNCs and other large corporations (offering online services).

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